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Sir David Bates celebrated his 70th birthday at the 18th November 1986. To mark this occasion a convention was once held within the David Bates development on the Queen's college of Belfast at the seventeenth and 18th November 1986. At this convention ex-students and associates of Sir David, who're stated global specialists of their box of study, gave extensive reports of a specific quarter of atomic and molecular physics.

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In regards to the EditorsChris D. Geddes, Ph. D. ,Dr. Chris D. Geddes Ph. D. , Professor, is Director of the Institute of Fluorescence and affiliate Director of heart for Fluorescence Spectroscopy on the collage of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, scientific Biotechnology middle in Baltimore, united states. He has a B.

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7 (a) have been obtained with a regularizing strange mass of 10 MeV. They are numerically indistinguishable from the ms = 0 MS results along the lines of [49]. For the thin curves a larger strange mass of 500 MeV has been assumed as an upper limit. Finite mass effects can therefore be inferred from the difference between the thin and the thick curves. Obviously they are very small for all contributions and can be safely neglected. For the higher Q2 value of Fig. 7 (b) they would be completely invisible, so we only show the ms =10 MeV results (≡MS).

Most recently the OPAL collaboration [98] at the CERN–LEP collider has extended the measurements of the photon structure function F2γ (x, Q2 ) into the small–x region down to x ≃ 10−3 , probing lower values of x than ever before and we include a comparison with these data as well. Finally, we construct LO and NLO boundary conditions for the virtual photon which allow for a smooth transition to the real photon case and perform a careful study of the reγ(P 2 ) sulting predictions for the partonic content and the structure function F2 (x, Q2 ) of virtual photons.

First we investigate the importance of finite mass corrections to the limit in Eq. 14). (1) SU B In Fig. 20) where ⊗ denotes the usual (massless) convolution. From Fig. 3 it is obvious that the relative difference between ACOT and MS depends crucially on x. It can be large and only slowly convergent to the asymptotic MS limit as can be inferred from Fig. 4. Note that the solid curves in Figs. 4 are extremely sensitive to the precise definition of the subtraction term in Eq. g. 4: The same as Fig.

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