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By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407049992

ISBN-13: 9781407049991

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Then his head slammed back against the head-rest as the jeep accelerated away with a screech of tyres. The general drove like everyone else in Quito, using the brake as little as possible and keeping the heel of his hand ready on the horn. He also had an unnerving habit of taking his hand off the wheel to point out the sights of Quito for Alex. By the time the jeep swerved to a halt in front of a small restaurant with an outside terrace, Alex had the arm-rest next to him in a death grip and had to force himself to let go.

Nobody would suspect a little girl like her of drug-smuggling. ' The general shrugged again. 'The rumour is, the street kids think they're going to visit some rich Americans who want to adopt them. ' He shook his head and his brown eyes were suddenly full of sadness. 'It's every street kid's dream. Many of them are orphans. ' asked Alex. 'We're not sure,' his father replied. 'But it's easy to imagine how it might happen. ' 'Only it's cocaine inside the wrapping,' guessed Alex. 'That's what I think.

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