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By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407049801

ISBN-13: 9781407049809

Alpha strength Hostage

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The test results showed that cyanide waste was being dumped illegally into one of the rivers flowing into Hudson Bay. She had first begun to suspect something six months earlier, when she had detected an unusually high number of miscarriages and birth deformities amongst the bear and seal populations in the bay. Since then, she had seen an increasing number of fish-eating birds and animals showing signs of cyanide poisoning, but she had been unable to find concrete evidence until Li and her friends had turned up with their cold-water diving gear.

The cover story was that Li and her friends were into extreme sports and, after some initial misgivings about their safety, Papaluk had accepted that they knew what they were doing and had left them to it. 'We should take the tundra buggy back and warn Papaluk that he's in the area and acting meaner than ever,' said Li. 'We're due to finish here now, anyway,' said Alex, glancing at his watch. 'If we're going inland today, we need to get moving. ' This was their last morning on the coast. After the diving, they were planning to say their goodbyes to Papaluk before heading inland on snowmobiles for a few days of survival training.

I think someone tried to make this look like an accident,' said Hex, scanning the bay again. He unslung the underwater camcorder from his shoulder and began filming the scene. Li frowned. She was not sure she liked Hex filming her friend's dead body. When she was alive, Papaluk had always put her hand over the lens when Hex pointed the camcorder at her, but she could not do that now. ' asked Li. 'Evidence,' said Hex briefly. Li was about to object, but stopped with her hand raised and her mouth open as the tones of a mobile phone suddenly rang out across the bay.

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