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By Robyn Gee; Rob McCaig; Ian Ashman

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11. 127-40) The narrator must choose whether to enter the garden, risking the unpleasant experience of the "sorweful were" that the second inscription promises. When his fear and desire deprive him of "wit . . for to chese" (1. 146), Africanus assures him that there is no risk to him because he is not a lover: "[T]his writyng nys nothyng ment bi the, / Ne by non, but he Loves servaunt be" (11. 158-9). This brief scene shows the problems of writing, for authors and for their reading audiences.

Arcite's death may have been caused, ultimately, by a chain of love, but the narrator says that it was engineered by Saturn, who used it to resolve a squabble among competing gods. Since Boccaccio's gods settle their own quarrel, Saturn is the Knight's addition here, and his credentials are impressive: Disasters from drownings to plagues (11. 2454-69)-these are his tools for settling the argument when Jupiter fails (1. 2I He is also a skilled misinterpreter. He takes advantage of a quirk in Arcite's wording of his prayer.

The Knight seems to be asking this of us in his description of the marriage of Palamon and Emily. He describes it as a marriage in which fellowship and selfinterest coincide perfectly: For now is Palamon in alle wele, Lyvynge in blisse, in richesse, and in heele, And Emelye hym loveth so tendrely, And he hire serveth al so gentilly, That nevere was ther no word hem bitwene Of jalousie or any oother teene. (11. 3101-6) This Utopian claim is not easy to judge. The Knight must mean something by it because he does not have to talk about the future; 40 The Knight's Tale the last we see of Boccaccio's couple, they are making love-seven times-on their wedding night.

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