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By A. A. Ranicki

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This ebook provides the definitive account of the functions of this algebra to the surgical procedure category of topological manifolds. The significant result's the id of a manifold constitution within the homotopy form of a Poincaré duality house with a neighborhood quadratic constitution within the chain homotopy kind of the common conceal. the variation among the homotopy varieties of manifolds and Poincaré duality areas is pointed out with the fibre of the algebraic L-theory meeting map, which passes from neighborhood to international quadratic duality buildings on chain complexes. The algebraic L-theory meeting map is used to provide a in simple terms algebraic formula of the Novikov conjectures at the homotopy invariance of the better signatures; the other formula inevitably components via this one.

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Qn (∂C) −−→ Qn (C n−∗ ) −−→ Qn (C) −−→ Qn−1 (∂C) −−→ . . If (C, ϕ) is C-Poincar´e then ∂C is C-contractible, Q∗ (∂C) = 0 and there is defined an isomorphism ≃ n n−∗ − ϕ% ) −→ Qn (C) , 0 : Q (C so that (C, ϕ) has a normal structure. Similarly for pairs. 3 is such that Q∗ (C) = 0 for C (A)-contractible (= contractible) B (A)contractible (= any) finite chain complexes in A, so that N L∗ (Λ(A)) = L∗ (Λ(A)) = L∗ (A) . 3. 7 A functor of algebraic bordism categories F : Λ = (A, B, C) −−→ Λ′ = (A′ , B′ , C′ ) is a (covariant) functor F : A−−→A′ of the additive categories, such that (i) F (B) is an object in B′ for any object B in B, (ii) F (C) is an object in C′ for every object C in C, (iii) for every object A in A there is given a natural C′ -equivalence ≃ G(A) : T ′ F (A) −−→ F T (A) with a commutative diagram T ′ F T (A) T ′ G(A) ′2 u T F (A) GT (A) e′ F (A) w F T (A) 2 u F e(A) w F (A) .

15 is an (n + 1)-dimensional (normal, symmetric Poincar´e) pair. The quadratic kernel of (f, b) is the n-dimensional quadratic Poincar´e complex σ∗ (f, b) = (C(f ! 8 (ii) to M (f, b), with f ! the Umkehr chain map defined up to chain homotopy by the composite (ϕ0 )−1 f∗ ϕ′0 f ! : C −−−−−→ C n−∗ −−→ C ′n−∗ −−→ C ′ . The symmetrization of the quadratic kernel is an n-dimensional symmetric Poincar´e complex (1 + T )σ∗ (f, b) = (C(f ! ), (1 + T )ψ) such that up to homotopy equivalence (1 + T )σ∗ (f, b) ⊕ (C, ϕ) = (C ′ , ϕ′ ) .

Thus the free and projective hyperquadratic L-groups of R coincide L∗ (R) = L∗h (R) = L∗p (R) . Similarly, the hyperquadratic L-groups of the categories Ah (R) and Ap (R) coincide, being the 4-periodic versions of the hyperquadratic L-groups L∗ (R) Ln (Ah (R)) = Ln (Ap (R)) = lim Ln+4k (R) (n ∈ Z) , −→ k the direct limits being taken with respect to the double skew-suspension maps. 11 N L∗ (Aq (R)) ∼ = L∗ (Aq (R)) (q = h, p) to write N L∗ (R) = N L∗h (R) = N L∗p (R) = lim L∗+4k (R) . 11 for A = A (R) = Ah (R) is the algebraic analogue of the exact sequence of Levitt [92], Jones [80], Quinn [132] and Hausmann and Vogel [75] .

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