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By G. Martin

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ISBN-13: 9781403966346

Focusing on person political thinkers and starting with indigenous African political proposal, the e-book successively examines African nationalism, African socialism, populism and Marxism, Africanism and pan-Africanism, concluding with modern views on democracy, improvement and the African state.

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Sonni Ali Ber was a master of the southern Songhay religion of holé; he was also dâli, a master geomancer with strong powers of divination and a reputation for invincibility in battle. 36 This explains why Sonni Ali could not bear to see his supernatural powers, recognized by the majority of his subjects who adhered to indigenous African beliefs, challenged by the (mostly foreign) Muslim scholars of Timbuktu; this group led the wealthy, cosmopolitan, Muslim urban populations of that city and others (such as Jenne and Walata) to act as independent merchant republics.

National solidarity disappears and decline begins. Decline leads ultimately to the disintegration of state and civilization if not checked by the appearance of a new group with ‘asabîyah (social solidarity). Such a new group is unlikely to rise within the state, however. Rather, a less advanced people with rising ‘asabîyah typically takes over the state and changes its manner of life—albeit temporarily. Eventually they also will generate the same processes that led to the decline of the state they conquered.

43 ‘Asabîyah arises in simple societies where economies of necessity produce an ethos of community. Political institutions are rudimentary: the leadership of the most able and respected. As the society grows, subgroups appear, loyalties become divided, and the subgroup with the strongest solidarity becomes dominant. Chieftainship turns into kingship. The king consolidates his power through force. National solidarity disappears and decline begins. Decline leads ultimately to the disintegration of state and civilization if not checked by the appearance of a new group with ‘asabîyah (social solidarity).

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