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By Grandreams

ISBN-10: 0755406095

ISBN-13: 9780755406098

Pop-up Storybook

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She pushed him to the stove. When she turned back to the window he imitated her frown so perfectly I burst out laughing. ” she snapped at me. “Nothing, Mum. ” Sometimes Mum talked whole nights without taking a breath. ” It was Thomas. “Serves you right,” said Mum without even looking over her shoulder. ” She really did have a second set of eyes in the back of her head. Thomas’s eyes watered with pain. “Oh poor Tom-tom,” I teased. ” I made loud smooching sounds. He looked ready to throttle me.

Thomas was persistent; I’ll give him that. Mum shooed him away from the stove and he sat back down beside me. “Suppose Dad’s at the pub? We left the mill together and he was acting kind of strange,” he whispered. I shook my head. Our father was not a drinker. Besides, I knew where he was. But I’d been sworn to secrecy. ” Thomas leaned in closer. “There’s been some trouble at the mill, you know. ” “It’s okay, Tom. Really, it is,” I said. ” I nodded but held my finger up to my lips. “It’s a surprise,” I wrote out and slid the paper over to him.

Except, of course, for me. — THE WEIRDNESS OF WORDS — “Your mother lost the baby” is how my father put it the day it happened. I pictured this cardboard box like the one we had at elementary school for lost mittens and boots and stuff, some sort of lost and found for babies. ” “It’s a miscarriage,” he continued, “but to your mother it’s the death of our child. Another one. ” Miscarriage. All I could see was my old doll carriage without the doll speeding down a hill towards a baby who missed it.

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