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Philostratus, who tells the story of Philiscus' vicissitudes in Rome,2 was himself a Court figure of the time— he was present on Caracalla's expedition of 213 to Gaul and Germany, when the sophist Heliodorus appeared before the Emperor3—and there are certain traces of a connexion between him and Dio which are worth examining. Dio makes two references to the philosophical circle which had formed round the Empress Julia. 9 Philostratus of Lemnos won exemption from liturgies for a /xeAeVij before Caracalla at the age of twenty-four ; he was born in 190 or 191,10 so the performance took place in 214 or 215—perhaps during the winter of 214/15 at Nicomedia.

Kal OVTOU 8rj raiha Trepl c5v vvv Kadlorafixu êypaijja. This too, Dio claims, won approval, both generally and with Severus himself. That the work must have described the wars after the death of Commodus is clear enough ;3 what is not so clear is how far it went. The context again suggests that Severus was in Rome at the moment when the work was completed. The date must therefore be 196, 197—or not until the summer of 202 when he finally returned from the East. It seems unlikely that Severus, who in that year celebrated his decennalia and the marriage of his son to Plautianus' daughter, would have welcomed a reminder of the civil wars which had ended five years earlier.

3 2 1 - 7 . THE C O M P O S I T I O N OF T H E H I S T O R Y 29 1 after the death of Commodus. He begins by mentioning the two works with which his literary career opened: a pamphlet of dreams and portents by which Severus was warned that he would ascend the throne, and the history of the wars in the first part of Severus' reign. Of the first of these Dio says that he published it {iSrjfwaievaa) and also sent a copy to Severus, who answered with a warm and favourable acknowledgement the same evening.

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