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By Benjamin Netanyahu

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This exam of the center East's afflicted heritage lines the origins, improvement and politics of Israel's courting with the Arab international and the West. It argues that peace with the Palestinians will depart Israel liable to Iraq and Iran.

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It is in this region that some of the most consistent and consistently varied manifestations of a politics of resistance can be seen. This should not be surprising, given the history and persistence of authoritarian, unequal and imposed systems of power across the region. As against this, a politics of resistance has drawn in millions. They have shown this in open demonstrations of defiance, violent and nonviolent. But the peoples of the Middle East have also, through collective organization, through art and through Introduction 17 counter-narratives, developed alternative, sideways views of power in ways that suggest the basis for a resistance of the future.

As countless historical examples have shown, the longer-term effects of this can be truly disturbing. However, these concerns have also given rise to thoughts about genuine alternatives in the conception of power, as well as in the forms of resistance. Thus the phenomenon of ‘leaderless movements’ witnessed in a number of places in the Middle East in 2011, together with the determined pursuit of nonviolent methods to bring into being a system of governance based upon the recognition and protection of rights, have been powerful examples of just such a politics of resistance.

Here, as elsewhere, resistance thus follows and contests the lines of inclusion and exclusion that are integral to all systems of power. They may be conceded or they may be imposed, just as the criteria they use may be agreed or simply accepted – or they may come to be resented. A politics of resistance in this sense illuminates both the dividing lines of this relationship and the increasingly threadbare rationales used to justify their maintenance. It means more than simply opposition to particular policies, the usual stuff of contentious politics.

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