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By Sally Grindley

ISBN-10: 1856979121

ISBN-13: 9781856979122

Ten colorfully illustrated tales that includes Alice, her brother Sam, their mom and dad, and their puppy and cat motivate young children to begin interpreting on their lonesome, helped through the accompanying observe and imagine dictionary highlighting seventy-two key phrases utilized in the tales.

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Fuad bent down and lifted the dying man. He laid him on a flat piece of ground. After a few moments, Borkman opened his eyes and looked up. He tried to speak, but he did not speak very clearly. 'The men in the black car . . ' h e said. 'Where are they? ' 'They're dead,' replied Salahadin quietly. ' asked Borkman. 'We were passing on the road,' replied Fuad. ' There was silence for a few moments. Borkman closed his eyes and lay still on the ground. T h e n he slowly opened his eyes again. ' he asked.

Salahadin looked at his watch. He was surprised. It was only a quarter to nine. A lot had happened in a short time. After a few minutes there was a knock at the door. It was the steward. 'I hope that you enjoyed your dinner, sir,' he said to Salahadin. 'Thank you,' replied Salahadin. ' 'Mr Peterson's put the "Do N o t Disturb" notice on his door,' said the steward. 'Perhaps he's sick. ' 45 'Yes,' said Salahadin. 'I met him half an hour ago. He said that he felt sick. He'll not want anything until tomorrow.

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