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Released through the manufacturing unit to supply help on troubleshooting quite a few electric difficulties. This handbook is loaded with circuit schematics overlaying each one approach at the car.

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8W LED LED 12 V - 1 6 W 12V-5W 12V-8W 12V-5W 12V-8W 12 V - 3 . 4 W LED LED s 2-17 Maintenance Lubricants and Fluids • Application Engine CVT Brake system (including ABSA/SA lines) Cooling system API CERTIFICATION SEAL Lubricant or Fluid Honda Motor Oil: OW-20 Look for the API certification seal on the oil container. Make sure it says "For Gasoline Engines/' SAE viscosity: See chart. Honda CVTF; Always use Honda CVTF. Using a non-Honda CVTF can affect shift quality. Honda DOT 3 Brake Fluid; Always use Honda DOT 3 Brake Fluid.

Check for excessive drag in the transmission. Also check for Poor ground at G101 • Fuel level in tank • Weak or fouled spark plugs Weak or fouled spark plugs 4-3 Starter System Circuit Troubleshooting Special Tools Required Alternator, Regulator, Battery, and Starter Tester OTC3131* ^Available through the Honda Tool and Equipment Program 888-424-6857 7. Turn the battery module switch OFF (see page 12-4). 8. Set the parking brake, then with the shift lever in P or N, turn the ignition switch to START (III) to crank the engine.

437 - 0 . 169 in) Planetary Gear Inspection 12. Check the planetary gears (A), the armature shaft gear (B), and the internal ring gear (C). Replace them if they are w o r n or damaged. B A C Overrunning Clutch Inspection Starter Brush Holder Test 11. Check for continuity between the ( + ) brushes (A) and the (—) brushes (B). If there is continuity, replace the brush holder assembly. 13. Holding the drive gear (A), turn the gear shaft (B) clockwise. Check that the drive gear comes out to the other end.

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